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President's Desk

Mr. Sudheesh Venkatesh

President of the National HRD (NHRD),
Network Chapter

Dear friends,


A heartfelt thanks for choosing me as the President of the National HRD (NHRD) Network Chapter for the two year term 2013-15.

It is exciting to take on leadership for the Bangalore chapter, especially as we prepare to celebrate its Silver Jubilee in 2014. With a 1100 member strong base, Bangalore is among the top 4 chapters in the country and is on a sound financial footing. It has established a reputation for the quality of programs it offers its members.

Bangalore is home to HR professionals working in different sectors-IT, Manufacturing, Pharma, Retail, Financial Services, Academia to name a few-and our chapter is fortunate to have members from all these sectors. The ethos of Bangalore can be clearly seen in the youthful energy and vibrancy of our Bangalore Chapter. Our chapter also enjoys a very cordial & effective relationship with the National chapter and has hosted several National & International Conferences, the most recent being in Nov 2011.

I am privileged to serve as the current President, and I see this as both an honor & a responsibility. An honor because NHRD is undoubtedly the premier HR Network in the country, Bangalore is a leading chapter, and I am following a long list of illustrious Presidents. I see it as a responsibility because there is so much to do, a tradition to keep and expectations to be met. Fortunately, I am joined by a wonderful team of professionals in my Executive Committee, a team that represents continuity with change, a good mix of youth & experience and a blend of thoughtfulness & action.

There are several priorities for the Chapter, prominent among them being quality monthly meetings, stronger student connect, celebrating the silver jubilee, revamping the website.etc. We would be taking up all these and more, while ensuring that we do not ‘boil the ocean’. My team and I will strive hard to continue the good work and live up to the precedent set by the previous committees.

I take great pleasure in welcoming your active participation and seek your support in taking the network to greater heights. I look forward to meeting with you on several occasions over the coming 2 years.

Warm regards and best wishes,

Sudheesh Venkatesh

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Knowledge Center




2nd National Summit on HR Shared Services, 19/02/2014 All Day
Taj West End, Bangalore
Fast Track HR Professionals’ Development Programme, 03/06/2014 All Day
NHRD Bangalore, C/o Welingkar Institute of Management,, Bangalore india
Life at Amazon - NHRD Monthly Meet, 04/06/2014 All Day
Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore
Corporate Governance - What do we need to know and how can HR contribute, 06/06/2014 All Day
Hotel Pride, bangalore
Faculty Development Program, 07/06/2014 All Day
Seminar Hall, Bangalore
2nd National Business Leadership Quiz 2014, 08/06/2014 All Day
BNMIT, Bangalore
2014 - TRIADS FULL TIME HR INTERNSHIP PROJECT CONTEST, 09/06/2014 - 09/07/2014 12:00 am
Bangalore, Karnataka
NHRD Monthly Meet - Integrating Technology, Social media and Communities in a learning Organization, 26/06/2014 5:45 pm
Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore Karnataka



Cricket, Leadership and People Management, Jul 31 6:30 pm, 2014
Chancery Pavilion, Residency Road,
3rd NHRD - Titan HR Showcase 2014, Sep 19-20 12:00 am
MLR Convention Centre Whitefield,



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